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5/29/2005 Up through turn 150 of the Spelljammer game.

5/22/2005 Put up the rest of the Highfort sequence in the Spelljammer game (finally!). Have another job. Previously, put up some new recipes.

4/23/2005 Removed resume, added page for the history reading project. Got a job!

3/28/2005 It's been ages since I updated this page even when I was updating the rest of the site, which happened fairly rarely. Oh, well, time to get back into the groove. Recent updates include my resume, the institution of daily rambling and photos, and an archive for same.

6/12/2004 Couple more recipes. Updates from this point on will probably be irregular. Not sleeping well these days. Furniture supposed to be delivered this week. We have a lot of things left to buy. Bit of heartburn off and on and of course I spend half the day in the bathroom, but otherwise okay. Looking forward to having the baby and being able to move again. Everything seems to be going fine, she's still active. Getting the hiccups fairly often these days, and you can see my belly move when she does. We are doing our exercises and practicing relaxing for labor, and I started writing up a birth plan, although Mt. Auburn is enlightened and I expect no battles over having things the way we want them. Five more weeks, and probably a bit more after that. I have dropped all workouts except for walking a couple of miles three times a week; everything takes too much effort.

5/5/2004 Recipe for banana bread. Some of our friends threw me a surprise baby shower over the weekend, which was just the sweetest thing imaginable. Not much new; I feel huge and tired, and am having more indigestion as she gets bigger. We're supposed to go crib shopping this weekend. Back to the midwife next week; we're up to biweekly checks. No word from the hospital about last week's test, so I guess my glucose was okay. Not as depressed as I was last week, thank goodness. We start our Bradley class this weekend.

7/28/2004 Recipe for strawberry-cinnamon muffins. Not much, but I did remember. Baby still here, still active. I've been really tired these past couple of days, not sure if it's her growing or what. Feel enormous, very emotional lately. Random people have now started asking me questions about it, always the same conversation: Due date? Boy/Girl? First child? Names? It's quite a predictable pattern; I'm thinking of making t-shirts. Still no shopping to speak of done.

7/21/2004 Chapter 10 of the novel. Forgot to do anything again last week. I've been a little distracted. Kid is kicking like nuts these days. Thirteen weeks left. I'm tired of being pregnant, and would like my body back.

4/7/2004 Turns 117-121 of the Spelljammer game. Looking for a new player to replace Christian, hoping to entice a few absent ones back in (I don't think I've ever seen that happen before, so that would be neat). Forgot to do an update at all last week, and the week before that I was trying to write so I didn't have anything to put up on the site. People at the office are noticing, and striking up conversations; I'm safely past the point where they're afraid to say anything in case I was just getting fat. Pregnancy is ready-made fodder for chatting with all women, it seems, and most men. Leading name contender is Lydia. Her favorite position during the day at least seems to be one where she can kick me solidly on the right half of my rib cage. I have to assume this is going to get stronger. You can feel her from the outside quite easily now, but I haven't been watching while she kicked to see if it was visible or not. Fifteen weeks to go! We still haven't done any shopping, though we have received a few gifts.

3/17/2004 Last couple of recipes that I didn't get around to last week. Crabby, fat, and tired.

3/10/2004 Recipes from the spring party of 2004. Feeling more definite movements now; feels pretty darn weird, too. Halfway there. Still having the occasional random emotional breakdown; lot of free-floating anxiety in my skull.

3/3/2004 The Star Change went up as a 400-page PDF. Still going pretty well, too. Nothing new on the baby front except someone at work noticed (or heard me talking about it) and gave their congrats.

2/25/2004 Review for The Curse of Chalion. Ultrasound on Tuesday showed what appears to be a girl! 10 oz. and everything looks right for this stage. We're incredibly excited. I kept crying, not in a bad way, while I watched her on the monitor, and then I smiled like a goof for the rest of the day. On the other hand, I already feel enormous and can't imagine how aggravating this is going to be in a few months.

2/18/2004 Review for The Elegant Universe tonight, give the place a bit of tone, or something. In maternity clothes now, as I can no longer sit down if I put my regular jeans on. Feel weird and ambivalent this week. Pretty sure I felt a movement on Friday, that was exciting. Been reading a baby bulletin board that is full of people who seem to think of nothing but their pregnancy and what bizarre things they can name the child. Weirdly fascinating to watch.

2/11/2004 And yet more Spelljammer, now caught up to the game itself. Bump is bigger. Had my 16-week checkup, heartbeat sounds great! I have more energy than I did a while ago, still not sleeping well all the time. Been trying to get to the gym more often.

2/4/2004 Three more Spelljammer turns, up to 113 now. Am developing a bump, but I can still wear most of my usual clothes. Bought some maternity wear for the day that is no longer the case. Don't feel sick, not as tired as I was, still emotionally rocky sometimes, becoming dangerously entranced by baby clothes. Still hard to believe this is happening.

1/28/2004 Put up the Revolution game, Power and Force. Finally.

1/21/2004 Two more recipes this week. Yum. Not much to say. Morning sickness pretty much over. And I think we've got a good plan for buying a house next year.

1/14/2004 Been slacking off a bit with the updates again. Tired, cold, feel sick a lot--the usual. Three more Spelljammer turns this week. Heard the baby's heartbeat at this month's checkup. Absolutely amazing. Not as nauseated but deadly tired and still way too easily upset for my own tastes.

12/17/2003 More recipes. Symptoms seem to have abated somewhat, leading to anxiety attacks over the weekend but I went to the hospital and had a test and things seem to be okay. According to most of what I've read, I'm getting off very lightly -- no vomiting, my personality appears intact, and though tired I can function reasonably well as long as I don't actually *miss* sleep. News is trickling out to friends and family, but I'm not putting it in the Christmas cards.

12/10/2003 Couple of Spelljammer turns today, trying to stick with the habit. First doctor's appointment yesterday. Pretty exciting, really. OTOH I am tired, weepy, and nauseated most of the time, which is getting a bit hard to take.

12/3/2003 Another couple of weeks without time or energy to put anything on the site. Added a couple of recipes this week. Really must get back into the routine here.

11/17/2003 No update these past two weeks due to New York trip and then being sick. Lost some archived material due to having to wipe the hard drive while installing (and reinstalling, and reinstalling) OS X. But we're all done now, and nothing of any great value was lost. I am pregnant!

11/5/2003 Turns 96-105 of the Spelljammer game this week. Gaining weight, generally depressed.

10/29/2003 No update last week, final D&D/Revolution adventure up tonight. Work very busy.

10/15/2003 Posted chapters 8 and 9 of Empire.

10/8/2003 No update last week, had a very busy week at work. This week was the PubsNet conference, but I put the India game up and some of Dave's pictures from Japan.

9/24/2003 The India game is done, or at least drafted, but not ready for prime time yet. I put up a couple of recipes this week (Indian ones, oddly enough).

9/17/2003 Finally put some pictures into the Revolution game write-up. I'm still working on the India game, which is taking forever due to manifold distractions.

9/10/2003 No content last week, I was too busy. This week added the page with the Revolution-as-D&D characters.

8/27/2003 Not much by way of updates lately, and I'm having a hard time getting this new FTP software working smoothly. Game going better now. Updated it, turns 91-95.

8/6/2003 Finished Chapter 7. Came down with cold. Gosh, it's hot in the office. Mars game appears moribund, am starting to wonder about my own.

7/30/2003 No content last week, just a long book review. Finished Bound Rainbow tonight. Ran two miles straight this morning, ate a lot this afternoon. Oh, well.

7/16/2003 Another recipe, a few Spelljammer turns. I think I gained the weight back, I haven't wanted to check.

7/9/2003 Couple of recipes. Had a nice holiday, now very busy. Lost 2 pounds, probably gained them back already as I have been buying Wheat Thins.

7/2/2003 First part of the latest Revolution adventure, tentatively titled The Bound Rainbow.

6/29/2003 Uploaded some of the pictures from Beth's party and the wedding so I could email the link out to the girls.

6/25/2003 Nothing added this week, or last week. We were in Malone last week for Beth's wedding, and since getting back I have not had time to think much less get something ready for tonight. E-mail games appear to be suffering some doldrums.

6/11/2003 More of chapter 7 added this week. I'm tired, finally almost over this cold though. And it's actually warm out, although raining. It always rains.

6/4/2003 Caught up on Spelljammer through 85 and fixed the Turn 79 link that Christian wrote in about a couple weeks ago. Yesterday was my 30th birthday--whee! As a present, the universe gave me a cold, so it's chicken soup tonight instead of my usual Wednesday dinner of pizza and merlot. Oh, well.

5/29/2003 Got my drivers license renewed today, that was exciting. Posted the cast list for Empire for Sorrowind's sake, and the first scene of chapter 7. I might be in too many email games right now; lots going on there.

5/22/2003 Just a recipe tonight, Chickpea and Spinach Curry.

5/14/2003 Update nights switched to Wednesday permanently. This week, a review of Hellspark; last week I think was a couple of Spelljammer turns.

4/30/2003 We only had half the game, Brian was feeling under par. Next session scheduled for end of May. I put up a page on the Moon of Janik for the Spelljammer game, and that was a day late because I had a horrible headache Tuesday.

4/23/2003 Put Sunrise Sea up, just in time for the next game this weekend. I've been in something of a bad mood lately, just one of those things I suppose.

4/16/2003 War's pretty much over. Didn't do an upate last week, feeling disenchanted with the site. This week added some recipes. Oh, and we paid the taxes last week. No house for us this year....

4/2/2003 War's still there, how it's going depends on who you ask (either as well as anyone could reasonably ask for, or quagmire of impending doom). Game went well, anyway, and we got to see Dan again, as well as our friend Joe who was in town. I stuck turns 74-76 of Spelljammer on the Web.

3/26/2003 Well, the war started. Finished Chapter 6. Free-floating anxiety appears to be on the increase, quelle surprise. We have a game scheduled for this weekend.

3/19/2003 More recipes. Things are slow, if you don't count the impending war. Asshats. On a personal property note, we now own 1/4 of our car. Buying a house remains a terrifying prospect we are putting off for a while longer, it seems.

3/12/2003 Party recipes.

3/5/2003 Turns 69-73 of the Spelljammer game. Woo-hoo.

2/26/2003 Finally, the newest Revolution stories: Trapped in a World They Never Made, and Wonders of the Northern Wastes. We're back! In a warped kinda way.

2/19/2003 Damn, that's a lot of snow. Added some recipes, Salad with Walnut-Mustard Dressing, Cornish Game Hens with Garlic and Rosemary, Vegetables Glazed with Balsamic Vinegar.

2/12/2003 Gamed this past weekend. Added rants 40-49 to the archive. Depressing reading, some of them.

2/5/2003 Moved Joe to New York on Saturday. Added Chapter 5 on Tuesday night.

1/29/2003 Put up the sixth arc for the Spelljammer game, as an entire arc's worth had indeed accumulated unnoticed. Must get better about putting things up here.

1/22/2003 Finding it hard to remember that it's 2003 now. Crossover finally appears.

1/15/2003 Sheets for Gravedigger and Shovels Stevie, and a stub of a Background page to hold all of their ilk.

1/08/2003 Added character sheets for Eve and Argus today. Nothing added last week, and no hangover, either!

12/23/2002 Merry Christmas! Update one day early to get it out of the way. Added Chapter 4.

12/18/2002 Recipes for gingerbread cookies biscotti, and pumpkin muffins. Heinously busy, but we're coming in toward the end of it.

12/11/2002 Added Turn 17 of the Mars game. Already swamped with holiday stuff that has to get done, and all I feel like doing is writing. Robert Benchley was right.

12/4/2002 Had a lovely Thanksgiving with Dave's family. This week added Wood Pulp & Blood (finally) to the site. Only behind by one game session now.

11/27/2002 Still more baking, more poking at books. Re-reading Exordium again. I added Jay's illos to the Death of a Three-Time Loser story. Thinking about buying a gun (see 11/13).

11/20/2002 I have a cold. Have been doing a lot of baking and a little bit of poking at various stuff for the books. This week put turns 55-59 up for the Spelljammer game.

11/13/2002: As the Dark Regime (tm) prepares to take power in January, I write up recipes for Udon-Beef Noodle Bowl and Tarragon Chicken, and get some writing done.

11/6/2002: Voted for O'Brien, we'll see what happens. Put up the first installment of Dave's serial piece, Sekai wa Nihonrashii. Between this and gaming I might never have to come up with any original content again. Work is getting insane, release is a week from Friday (knock wood). There are heavy frosts on the ground now when I get to the office.

10/30/2002: Put up Chapter 3 this week. Not much going on.

10/23/2002: Work is busy, autumn is gorgeous as usual. Posted the second part of "Fifty Years Ago."

10/16/2002: Mom left today after a very pleasant visit. We've scheduled the final 50 Years session for 11/16 (hooray). This week I posted turns 49-54 of the Spelljammer game. Temperatures in Boston have turned sharply colder, down in the 30s last night. Yikes.

10/9/2002: Turns 13-16 of the Liberty League game. On Saturday we played a third 50 Years Ago session; one more to go, next month if the scheduling daemons are kind.

10/2/2002: Big week, First Night and Chapter 2 of the behemoth. Work is very busy and I am tired a lot.

9/25/2002: Archived a bunch of rants and rambles from 2000/2001. Didn't realize I'd fallen that far behind. Went to Josh and Alli's housewarming party this past weekend. Fun time. We'd left by the time the neighbors called the cops about the noise.

9/18/2002: Revised first chapter of book 1 is online now. Dave back from Japan, hooray.

9/11/2002: To understate: it's been an eventful year. In many ways, less has happened than we thought was going to, and no one knows what the next will bring. Blessings on you and yours. Recipe week: Summer Farfalle Salad with Smoked Salmon and Chicken-Penne Salad with Green Beans

9/4/2002: Turn 13 of the Liberty League game went up. The weather has been cool and damp, very welcome.

8/28/2002: This week I added the pictures from when we went to PA and saw Brandi and John (see 8/7/02). I'm feeling less stressed out than I was for a while. Still not sure why, though. Memorial was very nice, and we had a great party for Chandra, although Mike's back is giving him a lot of trouble.

8/21/2002: Heat wave broke Monday night. This week, 45-48 of Spelljammer and a long Ramble about writing. This weekend is Grandma T.'s memorial service, and Chandra's wedding reception. Sort of iconic, I suppose. I seem to be stressed out but don't know why.

8/14/2002: Put up the fourth session of the C&S game. Middle of yet another heat wave. Is this ever going to end? Still haven't lost any weight, by the way. Today being Dave's birthday, we went out for Japanese with his father, Josh, Alli, Mike, and Joe.

8/7/2002: Turn 12 of the Liberty League game. End of another heat wave; it was too hot last week to post anything. Went to Brandi's wedding reception and had a lot of fun, drove 1,442 miles in the course of 60 hours.

7/24/2002: First update in our new home, Turns 40-44 in Spelljammer. This game has been going on a bit now, hasn't it? Still seems pretty good, haven't lost any players yet, knock wood. Another heat wave just ended; this summer has been a strong one. Also, I fixed a bug that wasn't letting people see the Threshold stuff (directory name caps caused a problem somehow), and another one where I forgot the line breaks in the scone recipe from a couple weeks back.

7/17/2002: Welcome to We're back. No update this week, though.

7/10/2002: Earthlink is no longer giving me my 10 extra MB of space, which means I need to come up with a domain name, get a new account, move the site... all the stuff I've been putting off for years now. Damn. Took down big swathes of Revolution and other stuff, put up a recipe for Cheddar Scones and Turn 11 of the Liberty League game.

7/3/2002: Grandma Twiddy died on Wednesday. Gamed this weekend. Boston having heat wave.

6/26/2002: Hectic week at work last week to get the release out, too tired to update. Spent most of the weekend at the hospital, where Dave's grandmother has entered life's twilight. Added Spelljammer turns 36-39 this week. Game scheduled for this weekend, without Josh will be a one-off session.

6/12/2002: Turn 9 of the Liberty League game. No update last week, I was too sick Tuesday. Having scheduling problems for the summer's gaming.

6/1/2002: Added a couple of links, to El Guapo and Redwood Dragon. I have a cold.

5/29/2002: New recipes from my dog-eared sheaf of weeknight standards: Chicken, Leeks, and Plum Tomatoes with Linguine and Fettuccine with Tomato and Sausage Sauce. Enjoy.

5/22/2002: Turns 32-35 of the Spelljammer game went up. The world at large sucks lately, but hey, at least my games are going well. I'm also back up to 130 lbs., but that's part of the "sucks" stuff.

5/15/2002: Played the fourth and apparently last C&S game this past weekend. The Revolution returns June 29 if all goes as currently planned. Turns 7 and 8 of the Mars game went up here. Life is much as usual; a cold, rainy spring, and I'm eating way too many Big Wheat Thins.

5/8/2002: Third C&S game, The Fallen King, arrives on the site. Finally.

5/1/2002: Added a seventh photo to the Prudential Tower series. Very busy this week.

4/24/2002: Quiet week. Spelljammer turn 30/31 went up. Mom's wedding went fine.

4/17/2002: Red Curried Tofu and Three Pepper Quesadillas. We've successfully scheduled a game for May (yay), and I've gotten more done on the last write-up. Life is busy as per usual. My mother is getting married this weekend.

4/10/2002: Turns 27-29 of Spelljammer. Still putting off the C&S stuff, but there's no game this month, so it's not as big a deal as it might have been. Very busy at work.

4/3/2002: Turn 6 of the Liberty League PBeM and some bug fixes that eluded us last time around. Been too busy to work on the C&S stuff much.

3/27/2002: New recipes, Thai Braised Beef with Coconut Milk and Ginger and Chicken and Rice with Caramelized Onions. Had the game as scheduled, went pretty well. Hear Brian and Rachel had a nice vacation in England.

3/20/2002: Turns 23-26 of the Spelljammer game. No complaints. Cheered by my continued desire to work on the novel series, wondering if I actually need stress in my life to be creatively fueled; this could be a problem. Next game scheduled for this weekend although Brian won't be in attendance.

3/13/2002: Bug fixes for the Liberty League game, and pictures of our car and my cube at work. Things are going well, though I'm listening to a lot of Bob Mould, and thinking about my writing more than usual.

3/7/2002: Added the rest of the Liberty League/Mars characters, and provided a bit more substantial front page than I had the energy for last night.

3/6/2002: We got a car!!! I added the second C&S session.

2/27/2002: I got a job!!! I also added the Mars stuff to the site, although it's not going to be here forever.

2/20/2002: Interview last week went well, follow-up interview from another company went well, two more potential companies lined up. Things are definitely looking better. Added recipes for Whole Wheat Orange Juice Muffins and Double-Decker Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake. Oh, and the game went pretty well.

2/13/2002: Added turns 20-22 of the Spelljammer game. I have another interview this week, and the second C&S game is scheduled for this weekend, so things are looking relatively pleasant.

2/6/2002: Added the first session of the Chivalry & Sorcery campaign. Quiet week. Very quiet. Still no word on that interview, no new interviews... nothing.

1/30/2002: Finally decided to archive the majority of this page. More recipes this week, Thai Crab Cakes with Cilantro-Peanut Sauce and Spicy Cucumber Salad with Peanuts. C&S stuff taking longer than anticipated due to sudden need to read the entire Black Company series, leaving aside the tangential Silver Spike. Still no word from that interview last week. Scattering business cards like acorns, hoping a squirrel will bury and forget one so it can sprout. No, wait.

1/23/2002: Turns 17, 18, and 19 for the Spelljammer game went up this week. Job interview went pretty well, I think. C&S game was a lot of fun, hope to have that here next week.

1/16/2002: Two recipes this week, Sweet and Sour Tofu and Winter Garden Pasta. I have a job interview for Monday. C&S campaign starts this weekend.

1/9/2002: New this week, a Variants Universe Timeline. Nothing much, I was bored one day last month. Had a very frustrating nibble that evaporated today. Unemployment sucks.

1/2/2002: Happy New Year! Added Turns 15 and 16 to the Spelljammer game. Organized the turn list under titles. Still unemployed, by the way.

The Times Before: Every else on this site was added, one page at a time....

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